Here’s What You Need To Know About Doom Eternal

QuakeCon 2018 is up and running, which also means that Doom Eternal is already revealed to the public. And by god it’s everything we want from a sequel to Doom (2016 edition). Blood, gore, arcade action, and a ton of big guns and baddies. And also some spiffy vertically-focused level design. That’s always good!

Here’s all the info we got from the QuakeCon 2018 reveal.


A Few Doom 2 Pals Will Return (Along With Some New Ones)

The annoying-as-heck Arch-Vile, Arachnotron, and Pain Elemental will be reimagined for Doom Eternal. The Arachnotron fires plasma shots and can climb on walls and ceilings. The Pain Elemental can still summon Lost Souls like in the previous games. We don’t know what this new version of the Arch-Vile can do, but most likely he’ll resurrect dead demons and summon pillars of flame to mess up your day.

There are also some new demons too, like flying gargoyles that spit out corrosive acid that stay on the floor and act as hazards, and a shotgun-wielding axe-waving giant called the Marauder. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for us to murder and Gore Kill.


You Have New Traversal Options

The Doom Slayer can use bars to swing from point A to B, can do a quick insta-dash. He also has a grappling hook on his Shotgun so he can hook onto enemies and lure himself onto their position. He can even wall-climb on certain spots just for the heck of it.

The devs decided to make him the “most powerful person in the game”, so why not make him able to jump from handlebars and also instant air dash his way around while also using his grappling hook ala Bionic Commando for leverage? Talk about bad-ass!

New Weapons, Of Course

A Doom sequel wouldn’t be presented without some new weapons, right? For starters, the Doom Slayer has a new switchblade on his glove that slices anything up close. He also has a new grenade launcher-type gun complete with time-delayed explosives, as well as an Assault Rifle with a 1-shot iron sights mode. Did we forget to mention that he has a new Doom energy sword to play around with now?


He also has access to shoulder weapons too; we get to see Doom Slayer use a flamethrower gun from his left shoulder.  We hope this replaces the side items from the first game; lord knows if anyone who played the Doom reboot uses them.


You Get To Sabotage Your Pal’s Campaign..

…by becoming a demon! Players can team up as demons to form a “slayer-hunting party”. Remember Dark Souls where you can sabotage your pal’s campaign? This is pretty much the same deal but in a first-person perspective. Keeping in the spirit of Doom’s deathmatch modes, this twist is a nice little addition to keep players on their toes.

It’s Coming Out For All Major Consoles

The sequel to Doom (2016) will be out for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There’s no release date or year yet, so fingers crossed that it’s next year. In the meantime, do admire the awesomely pretty screenshots below.






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