Diablo III To Be Out On Nintendo Switch This Year Because Sure, Why Not

In recent unsurprising news on ports, Diablo III will be making headway onto the Nintendo Switch later this year. According to a Forbes post (via Kotaku), this port will be called the Diablo III Eternal Collection. It contains:

  • The original game sans auction house,
  • The Reaper of Souls expansion which fixed the original game tenfold,
  • the Rise of the Necromancer pack, and…
  • all of the current D3 updates, season challenges and all.

The exclusive stuff you get in this version? Why it’s an armour set that makes you look like The Legend of Zelda’s big bad Ganondorf. This version of the game will let you play multiplayer in local co-op form on the same console, as well as the usual four-player co-op on separate Switch consoles. These modes work offline (via Switch connectability) and online.

Expect to shell out about US$59.99 for this portable version of Diablo III. That should go without saying, but fans and action RPG aficionados can play this game while on the commute and if they’re in an hour-long traffic jam on the Federal Highway.

Please don’t play Diablo III while you’re driving on the Federal Highway.

Here’s some trivia for you to cap off this semi-enlightening piece of news: the last Blizzard games to be on a Nintendo platform are Blackthorne, Rock n Roll Racing, and Lost Vikings back in 2003. Another major game on Nintendo platforms is Starcraft 64, which is quite a feat to port considering that RTS’ and joypad schemes don’t gel well together.

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