Insomniac Games and PlayStation released a new trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man game last night called ‘Just the Facts’ featuring our favorite news editor-turned radio host, J Jonah Jameson. Yes, you read it right. In Insomniac’s Spider-man, our mustachioed friend is not the boss of Peter Parker, but instead, a radio host who constantly voice his displeasure of the webhead.

The short trailer also shows the different facets of New York City, high and low and as we confirmed in our preview piece, you can swan dive off Avengers Tower which in fact, exists in this Marvel universe. Have a look.

Since you are already here, check out our video below where we discuss about the game in depth. Our written preview of the game can be found here as well.

There’s also a limited edition PlayStation 4 version available which you might want to consider if you are hunting for a PS4 Pro. We have all the details here.



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