Check Out All The Cool Stuff At PSX 2018 Bangkok, Thailand


Last weekend, PlayStation fans were in for a treat. At least the ones in Bangkok, Thailand, and the ones who managed to fly down there on time. The PlayStation Experience 2018 took place at the GMM Live House, featuring upcoming titles like that Spider-Man game, SoulCalibur VI, and Kingdom Hearts III, as well as guest appearances by Low Cost Cosplay and the actor who played that android in Detroit: Become Human who gets killed a lot and probably befriends Hank.

Verily, it was a convention and expo for the ages, and goes to show that PlayStation does care about both Malaysia and Thailand when it comes to having their big-ass gaming expos in places with a swathe volume of fans and gamers. The rent’s probably affordable too especially if you’re getting paid in yen or SG.

But enough about that: how about seeing the action for yourself in video form? Thank our pals Aksiz for this fine, fine Bahasa Melayu-language video; the first 50 seconds is all PSX content. You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the expo itself if you don’t know the language.



Here is Aksiz’s first look at the Resident Evil 2 remake that’s slated for next year. Yep, that is one useful knife. And yep, it plays like RE4.


And here’s Aksiz asking Bryan “Connor” Dechart to speak in Bahasa Melayu for a short bit.

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