It’s great to be an SNK fan, seeing that it’s the company’s 40th anniversary this year. And what could be better than an opportunity for SNK to create a long craved-for sequel to a fighting game if fans showed their support?

According to a One Million Power translated piece of a recent Famitsu interview (via ResetEra), we have quite a bit of trivia and development tidbits from SNK members Naoto Abe, Kazuhiro Tanaka, Nobuyuki Kuroki, and Hideki Asanaka. One bit that caught our attention was about the cancelled Garou: Mark of the Wolves sequel. Here’s an excerpt of it after the picture (the interviewer will be referred to as Famitsu):


Kuroki:I get asked that a lot, but I actually didn’t have anything to do with the story. The planners probably don’t know anything about it either.

Abe: Huh? I saw the story for part 2 though.

Everyone: Huh!?

Abe: There’s a story written for it, right up to the ending I expect.

Asanaka: Could it be that they weren’t planning to include you in part 2, Kuroki? (Laughs)

Kuroki: No no. I may not know anything about the story, but I created all the content!

Famitsu: Had development already begun on it then?

Abe: The characters were definitely completed. Including the new ones.

Kuroki: I also remember that the new moves for Rock and Jenet were done.

Famitsu: This is the first I’ve heard about all this.

Kuroki:The old SNK ceased to exist partway through development, so unfortunately it was shelved. Oda (Yasyuki Oda, involved with the development of KOF XIV and SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~) says that he’ll never stop wanting to make it until the day he retires. Development could actually happen, if fans are vocal enough about it.

There you have it: Garou – MOTW 2 can happen if you ask for it. Send emails, Twitter messages, snail mail: anything. Let your voices be heard and crank it up to 100 Mega Shock value if you want to get SNK to do something about it!

Here are some more interesting bits from the OMP interview. We’ll break it down into different SNK games.

Fatal Fury

Art of Fighting 3

Asanaka: Windows was only introduced into development as of Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior.

Famitsu: I see. So that’s why Art of Fighting 3 was a little bit different from the games that had come before it.

Kuroki: It was a proof of concept that you could make games using motion capture. A Windows PC was necessary to do that motion capture.

Famitsu: So those smooth graphics were possible because of the use of motion capture.

Kuroki: It’s used, but the motion captured data was gradually tweaked and the character animation was brushed up, so you could say that there wasn’t much of the original motion captured data left in the end (Laughs)

Abe: We didn’t have the setup to do motion capture at the time, so we flew to America and spent 1-2 months recording it.

Tanaka: To think we worked that hard on it, and there are barely any traces of it left (Laughs)

Metal Slug


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