China Is The First Country To Win An Olympic-Level Gold Esports Medal

The Asian Games 2018 marks the first time a slew of Esports tournaments are hosted in an Olympics-sanctioned environment. Granted it’s a demonstration match but it’s still a significant step towards making esports great again.

And we already have our first winner of one of the tournaments: the People’s Republic Of China. The country is the first to win a gold medal in an Olympics level esports tournament. The game? Arena of Valor, a mobile MOBA from Chinese publisher Tencent.

China was basically brutal in the games leading up to their victory. From their long drawn-out battle against the equally top-tier Vietnam team to the grand finals where they took 10 minutes in each match to dismantle Chinese Taipei, the red flag was indeed a powerhouse in the ways of Arena of Valor. The team’s two strongest players in AoV were in tow: Ku and LaoShuai were the team’s most prominent damage-dealers and dealing the most stuns.

Speaking of other countries, Chinese Taipei won the Silver medal while Vietnam won the Bronze medal. Congratulations to all three countries for being the first three to win prestigious awards in the first-ever Olympics-level esports tournament.


Author: Mr Toffee

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