The road to Hell is usually paved with good intentions. In this particular instance, this exclusive mouse is a hellish eyesore despite its intention to bolster’s Singapore’s top-notch gaming expo name further.

GameStart Asia and Singapore-based peripheral company Armaggeddon are collaborating to sell you this…mouse for the low, low price of SG$29.90.


This is the result of people without any design sense -probably marketing folks- who thought to themselves: “See those shiny colourful LED keyboards and mice Razer & Logitech has? Let’s add more horrid colour combos, put in some half-ass fissure cracks, make the mouse wheel obnoxiously flashy, and stick the GameStart logo in an awkward position!” Even unicorns who vomit rainbows would think this is a bit wee much.

The device will be out for sale at GameStart 2018 this 13th & 14th October. Gaming fans can put down their hard-earned money for pre-orders at the GameStart Asia merch booth at C3AFA Jakarta 2018, which is this weekend. So if you’re Singaporean, you have the privilege of “supporting local” with your wallet.

The mouse will be on sale only at official GameStart events. All GameStart 2018 VIP ticket holders will be getting one of these for free, though calling this a “gift” is just being polite. Much like how you have to call someone’s ugly baby “adorable” so that you don’t hurt their feelings.

Real Talk

We’re not judging how the mouse feels and controls at all. In fact, it may feel great and may give you more bang for your buck given Armaggeddon’s track record with their products and customer service. Make of that what you will.

But as far as first impressions go, this is not something you want to go along with your PC and monitor combo.┬áPersonally, I’d just use the two prominent colours of the GameStart Asia colours -blue and orange- and creatively use it on the mice’ body. Ditch the coloured wheel and whatever the hell that pattern is supposed to be. Since GameStart Asia’s going fantasy & medieval, why not use Renaissance/Middle Ages tapestry patterns?

It’s a few more months until GameStart Asia hits so hopefully, the two companies have enough time to turn things around.



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