Budget Switch: Nintendo’s Console Is Getting A Bunch Of Indie Titles

The Nintendo Switch is getting a lot of indie games it seems, according to the latest Nintendo Direct video showcase sadly not featuring Reggie Fils-Aime. Let’s break down our top picks.

Into The Breach (Out Now)

The makers of FTL has created an arguably decent turn-based strategy game featuring a kaiju invasion, a bunch of military tanks and choppers, and some tense limited resource-influenced gameplay.

Dragon: Marked For Death (13th December)

That new Inti Creates game with the knights, wizards, and frenetic side-scrolling action coming out this year. If you liked the Mega Man Zero and Azure Gunvolt series, you’ll fall in love with this medieval spin on a classic formula.

Hyper Light Drifter (6th September)

The 8-bit sprite-stylized moody action adventure Legend of Zelda homage will be available for Switch. Also this game is a rare case of a Kickstarter project that’s been incredibly successful.

Mineko’s Night Market (Early 2019)

This adorable Animal Crossing-esque life simulator is about a little girl who has to sell stuff, collect cats, chase a mythical cat named Abe, and find out more about the island you live in. It’s also whimsical AF.

Levelhead (November 2018)

Remember the guys who made Crashlands, that pretty awesome survival game you didn’t know existed? Well they’re making a platformer that features an extensive level editor. Looks like fun!

King of the Hat (Early 2019)

It’s a hat-based 2D party game where you knock off people’s hats to win. Also an adorable game.

Untitled Goose Game (Early 2019)

After eons has passed, we finally get a goose simulator where we control a lone goose who trolls people. This is truly what people want out of life, apart from a goat simulator.

Towerfall (27th September)

This version of Towerfall features the full game and its expansions. You can’t do no wrong with this multiplayer fightfest if you haven’t played it yet.

Bullet Age (November 2018)

Need a co-op Contra 2D run-and-gun game that isn’t a mobile cash grab? You could do worse than this.

Check out the full Nintendo Direct video below:

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