How to Score More Free-Kicks In PES2019

It’s still early days for Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 but we’ve figured out a useful tip that should increase your chances of scoring from direct free kicks up to 25m from goal. We’ve tried and tested this method multiple times with a high success rate, even when using players whose free kick rating being under 80.

The method we are talking about today is the curving and dipping free kick which is synonymous with David Beckham and more recently Phil Coutinho. This method is best utilised when attempting a free kick just outside of the penalty box, between 22m to 25m and when done right, regardless of the skill of the free kick taker, leave the keeper no chance at all. When done perfectly, you’ll soon be hitting the top corner of goal in no time – instant replay material.

So How Does One Curve It Like Coutinho? 

First up is to decide the run-in angle you are going to take. As seen from our clip below, we position it so the near post sits nicely between the second and third opposition players forming the wall. This is important as it affects how far your ball will curve en route to goal. Feel free to experiment on the number of players you ‘cut out’ – but keep in mind; the more players you ‘cut-out’, the further the ball will have to travel, and bigger the swerve required to reach the net.

As seen below, we used James Milner & Phil Coutinho; both right-footed players and we aimed for the far left hand side of the keeper. If you so choose to use a left-footed player, the same rule applies – just the opposite of what we detailed above.

Once this is set, we move on to the kicking mechanics. Move your left stick Down+ Left while simultaneously holding down the shoot button. (we have the PS4 Square button as default). For left-footed players (e.g Leo Messi) you’d want to direct your left stick to Down + Right.

Important: Do the steps above SIMULTANEOUSLY – failure to do so will not curve your shot.

Precision Over Power

The sweet spot you are trying to hit on the power gauge would be a full green bar, with a smidge of yellow. When timed right, you should see your shot curve and dip just at the right angle, evading not only the wall, but the hapless, flailing goalkeeper. Practice enough and you’d be scoring freekicks with your eyes closed.

Get Creative

We highly recommend you to start practicing from the middle, and gradually adjust your angles to complement the direction you are taking the kicks from. The further you are from goal, consider ‘cutting out’ up to three players (as opposed to two suggested earlier) as the additional distance allows greater curve from your free kicks. You may want to experiment cutting out perhaps two-and-a-half players from the wall and mixing it with a weaker shot, to pull off a low, curving shot that will gazump the keeper.

The rest is up to you.

It isn’t as clear cut – as sometimes even the perfect free kick can be botched by tall defenders – among other factors. However we hope the tips shared above would improve your scoring rate from free-kicks. Do tell if they work for you in the comments section below!





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