Who Won The Most Gold Medals At The Asian Games 2018 Esports Demonstration?

The Asian Games 2018 Esports demonstration tournament is done and over with.

Sure, this whole week was a week-long exhibition. The medals don’t count towards the official Asian Games tally. Still, it doesn’t mean that its significance is lessened, far from it. This bold step into worldwide legitimacy means that we’re only a few years to seeing this sort of thing on the main stage of the next Olympics event.

With that said, we have to ask: who won the most Gold medals? Which country is the best all-rounder esports team? Which country rules supreme in this Asian Games esports exhibition? Here’s what we got:

  • China won the most Gold medals, with 2 in total.
  • Chinese Taipei/Taiwan won the most Silver medals, with 2 in total.
  • Vietnam has the most Bronze medals, with 4 in total. Vietnam also has the most medals among all the other countries.

Without further ado, here are the official medal tallies for each country that has been placed in the top three for each game: Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Pro Evolution Soccer.


2 Gold medals (Arena of Valor, League of Legends), 1 Silver medal (Clash Royale).

South Korea

1 Gold medal (Starcraft II), 1 Silver medal (League of Legends). Yeah, we’re just as shocked as you were that South Korea got Silver in LoL. Just because you have the best players doesn’t mean you have the best synergy.

Hong Kong

1 Gold medal (Hearthstone). On that note, the MVP in the Hearthstone tournament is Giggling Inventor, the latest Boomsday expansion card that is dominating the meta right now thanks to its Taunt/Divine Shield double whammy.


1 Gold medal 1 Silver (Clash Royale).


1 Gold medal (Pro Evolution Soccer 2018).

Chinese Taipei:

2 Silver medal (Starcraft II, Arena of Valor), 1 Bronze medal (League of Legends).


4 Bronze medals (Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, Starcraft II, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018).


1 Silver medal (Pro Evolution Soccer).


1 Bronze medal (Hearthstone).


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