Man, we really miss Metal Gear Solid, especially the bits where you sneak around and finish a stage undetected without any fatalities. How far has Konami gone off the deep end with their latest Metal Gear game I wonder?

If you miss those days, you can re-enact them when Konami’s Metal Gear Solid-themed real-life stealth game opens 12th September in Shinjuku, Tokyo (via Mystery Circus, Anime News Network). Basically, players sneak into Shadow Moses and avoid detection to destroy a Metal Gear. A team of up to three players have access to the patented Codec to get mission briefings and clues to tackle the scenario.

But beware: if the guards spot you, they will raise the alarm and shoot you on sight. Your vest will register the hits; if you get hit, the duration of play gets shorter and shorter. And if you run out of time: mission failure!

We have more details:

  • Playtimes for this range from 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Tickets are 3,800 yen per person. Continues are 800 yen; they amount to an additional 10 minutes of play.

Check out the pictures below if you want a sneak peek of the experience.




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