Addendum: To clear the air….

The original version of this post mentioned that the review code was supplied via Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia. In that, we state that the code received was a few days late hence the delay in our review.

However, to clarify off any misunderstandings against them, we implore that you do not take this on them as we know they did their best to deliver the codes for review on time. As such, it is also our aim to deliver the best review for our readers to help you in forming an early opinion of the said game.

– K


You are probably wondering why we haven’t published our Spider-Man review when everyone else’s are already online. The answer is simple.

It isn’t ready yet.

Like everyone else in Asia, we were supposed to receive the review code last Monday. However, a minor kerfuffle caused a delay in downloading our copy. As a result, we were only able to start downloading the game last Friday which – which was already five days behind.

Of course we could just rush through our gameplay to meet the global embargo date but that would no do justice for the game, and for you, our readers. An open world game should not be reviewed in haste and doing so would be a disservice to the publishers. Hence, we have decided to hold off from publishing it until we are 100% confident that we have produced the best review of the game for you.

Rest assured, it will be out before the game’s release which is this 7th September 2018. As for now, we’d highly recommend you to check out our preview of the game here as our final thoughts of the game so far have not deviated that much from what we discussed following our first playthrough of it.



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