Microtransactions Are An Unfortunate Reality Of Gaming – 2K Games

Talk about a comment that will rub a LOT of people the wrong way. NBA 2K19 senior producer Rob Jones believes that microtransactions, at least the VC points in the upcoming NBA 2K19 basketball game, are “an unfortunate reality of modern gaming,” according to an interview on Trusted Reviews.

“[…]every game, at some point, in some way has currency and they’re trying to get additional revenue from each player that plays the game. You know, the question has to be ‘when does it feel like it’s a straight money grab versus when does it feel like it’s value added,’ right?

[Most people] don’t have the patience to work their way to the top. They just wanna be there right away.”

On an interesting note, 2K Games is encouraging Belgian players to contact their government to reinstate lootboxes in NBA 2K19. The game will launch in the country without card packs in place since they violate the country’s gambling laws. 2K Games disagrees because it’s their goddamn coffers that are getting emptier from sanctioned laws like this.

If you feel like supporting the lootbox cause for a basketball game that gets annual updates, NBA 2K19 comes out 11th September.

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