Marvel’s Spider-Man Guide: How To Do Whatever A Spider Can

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Marvel’s Spider-Man game for the PS4 is out now and it’s a lovely superhero open-world cornucopia of awesomeness. In fact, Insomniac took a page from Rocksteady Games for their Batman games but do it in their own style and identity so that it is a completely different game.

With that said, this game can be a challenge especially if you put it in Spectacular difficulty. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you alive long enough to defend New York City.

Disclaimer: there are NO MAJOR STORY SPOILERS here. This is all gameplay-related. 

Face buttons are listed as such: Square, Triangle, Circle, X. If you’re pressing any other face button, chances are someone tricked you into buying Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.


Tip #1: Stay in the air.

With the exception of the anti-air enemies like the Demon whip folks, you’re basically a powerhouse as long as you’re 70% airborne.

Tip #2: If you can’t, keep practising.

Spider-Man probably messed up his first few attempts at swinging and obeying the laws of physics and gravity the first time around: ask Tobey Mcguire Peter Parker from the first film. The tutorial will tell you what to do and gives you some breathing room to get you going, but there will be missions where you need to watch out for buildings, rocket fire, and all sorts of debris falling into your face.

You’ll need to make swinging second nature in this game. Learn to automatically press L2 and R2 at any time to do an instant perch land/point launch. Time your jumps right after you land on a perch. Quickly aim upwards and fire your web to stick to the ceiling quick. Practice getting some more airtime during combat by pressing L1+R1 on environmental objects. Keep practising these and your other Spider-moves so you can swing like you’re winning.

Tip #3: Spider-Man is NOT Batman.

Spider-Man is an acrobat through and through. He needs air time and his speed because he can die pretty fast via bullets and magic pretty quick unlike the Caped Crusader.

Tip #4: Learn to crowd control during combat.

You WILL be swarmed by enemies in the game, be it by the Kingpin’s goons or the Demons in suits and masks. Try out AoE combos likeWeb Bomb (your special web shot) and Rock Out (suit power from Spider-Punk; thanks Insomniac’s Bryan Intihar) to control the crowd pace. Ditto for Charged Jump (Webslinger skill) and Epicenter.

This is pretty useful for ground control so that you can focus on anti-air/aerial threats like the Silver Sable goons.

Tip #5: Upgrade your gadgets.

Once you unlock a web gadget, you can actually inspect it for more upgrades ranging from more web cartridges to more ability heft. Do this for your favourite web; we went for the Web Shooter, Electric Web, and Impact Web.

Tip #6: Switch between them when you can.

Time stops when you switch between web cartridges and gadgets. Also, time slows down when you’re aiming. Use this to your game-breaking advantage.

Tip #7: Take all the time you need doing side missions.

You may need to play a few more Main Story bits to unlock the ability to earn Research Points, but after that, you can just level up your Spider-Man, get all the suits you want, and just faff about beating up bad guys, chase pigeons for a homeless guy, and do the occasional Pipe Dream-esque puzzle or two. Heck if you do the Black Cat and Taskmaster missions, you may end up with some lovely easter egg and surprises!

Tip #8: Mix up your Skill Tree a bit.

We’ll explain more under the “Skill Tree” subhead, but this game favours the player who sticks to one skill tree type and then spend a few points on the other two. At least early on in the game; you’ll max out all of this stuff later.

Skill Tree -Tips & Full List


Just like every other action game, there are skill trees in Marvel’s Spider-Man. But since it’s ours, let’s pick the best skill tree for you to focus on in the early bits of the game: Webslinger.

Why? Because Marvel’s Spider-Man is built for you to be swinging and being in the air for extended amounts of time. Plus if you focus on aerial attacks and air combos, not much can truly impede you except for the flyers and anti-air whipping Demon folks.

Here are our picks:

    • Quick Zip, Move X,Move Y (Webslinger)– Any moves that let you chase enemies by air or keep you in the air for as long as possible is a must-buy in a Spider-Man game.
    • Air Marshal, Air Launch (Webslinger) – Take these skills so that they complement the above moves when you’re in a combat or wave-clearing stage.
    • Perfect Dodge, Dodge Window(Defender) – Put in some Skill Points into the other two Skill Trees so that you can at least defend yourself and open up some counter options. Doing a perfect dodge (and also expanding the counter window more) means that you can leave your assailant handicapped while you go for other dangerous targets.
    • Pistol Yank, Rifle Yank (Innovator) – Put some more Skill Points to yank guns and weapons from bad guys, because they can kill Spider-Men quick and easy from afar.
    • Payback (Defender) – Guns are dangerous, as we’ve stressed time and again. Any counter moves you can pull off to deal with gun threats immediately are welcome.


Web Throw (1 SP)
Hold Triangle to grab and throw webbed and electrified enemies. They can be tossed into other enemies or walls.

Hazard Zone (1 SP)
Web Throw knocks enemies down during the wind up, clearing the immediate area.

Extended Perch Takedown
Increases Perch Takedown range.

Pistol and Baton Yank (1 SP)
Hold triangle to yank small arms like pistols and batons right out of enemy hands.

Spin Cycle (1 SP)
When throwing an enemy, rapidly press triangle during the throw to continue spinning enemies.

Scare Tactics (1 SP)
Stealth Takedowns generate much more Focus.

Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank (2 SP)
Hold triangle to yank heavy arms away from enemies

Wrecking Ball (1 SP)
Brute enemies can be grabbed and thrown when webbed, affecting enemies over a wide area.

Surprise Attack (2 SP)
Upgrades Web Strike Takedown move so that nearby enemies are knocked back.

Yank and Throw (2 SP)
Hold triangle to hurl yanked weapons back at enemies with concussive force.

Collateral Damage (2 SP)
Thrown objects damage all nearby enemies.

Rocket Return (2 SP)
Press L1+R1 to throw rockets back at enemies.


Perfect Dodge (1 SP)
Press Circle just as your Spider sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web shot to the face.

Perfect Hit (1 SP)
Press Square just as an attack lands to generate bonus Focus.

Dodge Window (1 SP)
Increases timing window for Perfect Dodge and Web Shot Counter, making it easier to accomplish.

Throw (1 SP)
Press Square, then hold Triangle to grab and throw an enemy in any direction.

Combo Booster (1 SP)
Improves focus gained at higher combo counts.

Last Stand (2 SP)
Slows time just before you take a fatal hit, giving you one last chance to dodge. Can only be used once per combat encounter. Only buy this if you truly, TRULY suck at action games.

Ground Strike (2 SP)
After leaping off an enemy or from air combat press Square + X to smash the ground with explosive force.

Vengeance (1 SP)
When below half health, attacks generate Focus faster.

Payback (3 SP)
Press Triangle after Perfect Dodging rifle and pistol enemies for an instant takedown.

Epicenter (2 SP)
Ground Strike has a larger blast that can knock enemies down when used from higher elevations.

Chain Finisher (3 SP)
Immediately perform a second Finisher on basic enemies.


Swing Kick (1 SP)
Hold Square while in the air to Swing Kick enemies and send them flying.

Quick Zip (1 SP)
Web Zip a second time without losing altitude

Air Marshal (1 SP)
Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more Focus.

Air Tricks (1 SP)
Hold Triangle and Circle and press L in a direction to perform aerial tricks to earn extra Focus and XP

Point Launch Boost (1 SP)
Press X on contact with point to massively boost Point Launch distance.

Air Yank (2 SP)
Hold Triangle while in the air to yank enemies upwards and enable air combat moves.

Quick Recovery (1 SP)
Press X during a roll after landing to launch back into the air.

Bunker Buster (2 SP)
Swing Kick will now knock over shield enemies.

Charge Jump (2 SP)
Hold R2 + X while running or standing to build up charge, then release X for a huge leap.

Blast Off (3 SP)
Air Launch attacks knock back nearby enemies. Has a short recharge time between uses.

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