A Quick Tip For Even More Awesome Photo Mode Opportunities In Spider-Man

So (almost) everyone’s playing Insomniac’s Spider-Man right now, swinging around New York, busting goons and henchmen left right and center. However, the Photo Mode has become a very popular tool for everyone to experiment with and show off their picture taking skills and we have one cool tip to share with you guys – a tip that’ll add the coolness factor of your Spidery-pics ten… we mean eight-fold.

With the Iron Arms Suit Power activated (regardless of which Spider-Man suit you are wearing) and ready to be unleashed, find a perfect vantage or photo point to activate (L3+R3) it so can you include it into your photos.

Once it pops out, hit Option, go to Photo Mode and go crazy.

Like so:

spidey arms

However, picking the ‘Selfie’ option under Photo Mode hides those arms though. Bummer. Anyways, still a cool inclusion to all your pics.

Happy snapping!


Author: Kenn Leandre

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