The rumors are true and we will see 20 teams duke it out globally come Season 2 of the Overwatch League. As confirmed by the league’s official Twitter account last night, eight teams, with three of those being from mainland China will join Paris, Toronto, Washington, Atlanta and Vancouver will be part of the new extended Overwatch League family.

Not much details as of these teams names were revealed but these inclusions will definitely be welcomed news for recently released players. You can keep track of the Overwatch League player movements here.  Expect to see a bulk of new free agents to be snapped up, or even current Overwatch Contenders teams being fully drafted to form a brand new Overwatch League team corps.

To be honest, we rather fancy seeing recently-crowned Overwatch Contenders Korea winners, RunAway being signed by one of these new franchises. Expect more news on the upcoming Overwatch League season as teams begin to form their rosters, as well as new franchises snap up hot free agents. XQC to Toronto or Vancouver? Miro to Guangzhou? The former Florida Mayhem players moving to Atlanta?

Why not, right?



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