You heard right, fighting game fans and SNK enthusiasts. The one true weapons-based fighting game (sorry SoulCalibur/Soul Edge & Weaponlord) is making a comeback, baby!

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Let’s Break It Down

  • Is it in 2D? Yes! The game is using the Unreal Engine 4 to make it look as watercolour-esque as possible.
  • Is the original cast making a comeback? Hella yes! We see Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford & his bestest dog Poppy, Earthquake, Jubei, Ukyo, Tam Tam, Kyoshiro, Hanzo Hattori, Ginjuro (a.k.a Samurai Iori), and Charlotte.
  • Just like in the original, weapons-clashing will be a thing. There’s no news on whether the referee with the flags or items will return.
  • Also, there’s going to be a lot of blood. That’s always a plus in a weapons-based fighting game.
  • The game will be out in 2019. This SS’s timeline is set at 1787, the 7th year of the Tenmei era.
  • I’m guessing, like KOF XIV, this game is slated for the PS4 and maybe the PC in the near future. Nothing’s official yet, but my hunch about this is pretty strong.
  • Are Samurai Shodown V Special fatalities making a comeback? Seems like it. Check out the images via Famitsu so you can get a taste.



Welcome back, Samurai Shodown. We’ve missed you.



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