If you recall the Disgaea series, that crazy turn-based strategy RPG from developer Nippon Ichi, you can stack your teammates atop each other to form a devastating killing machine. Feeling like they can top that idea, the devs announced a new 2D action JRPG that makes this mechanic its sole focus.

The new game is called Lapis Labyrinth (or Lapis Re Abyss in Japan), and it’s due for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year on 29 November in Japan. The gist is this: you pick up to four party members of different classes, you assign one of them as the leader, have the remaining three get stacked atop your head, and use them as assists when you’re out dungeoneering in 2D glory.

Apparently, in the game’s lore, the stacking technique is called DANGO and it’s a long-lost technique buried in time.


This style of fighting, in which party members become heads stacked on top of the leader, is a secret battle technique formulated during the Great War of the Old World. In this world, it is called “DANGO”.


If certain parameters are met, you can even simultaneously use all of your stacked heroes for maximum damage and support. Build up the game’s equivalent of a Super meter, and you can enter Fever mode which nets you extra jewels that is tradable for loot and temporary power-ups.

Sounds pretty fun, if a tad shallow and simplistic. But no matter: the game’s cute 2D artwork and aesthetics are sure to draw in the anime-loving crowd. Check out the madness below, both in video and screenshot form, along with the game’s official description.

A small village in a small kingdom has been hit with some tough financial times, thankfully they are sitting on a whole trove of treasure! Dive into the Labyrinth atop a forest that shimmers like gold in search of beaucoup bucks with your customized crew of adventurers! Using the creative stacking mechanic you can flip between up to 4 adventurers on the fly and deploy their individual attacks while keeping them all on top of your head!





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