Destiny 2 Forsaken Guide: How To Jump Back Into An Old Friend…

With Destiny 2’s latest expansion Forsaken already out, it’s time for old Guardians burnt by Destiny 2 to jump back into the fray. Bungie promised, and it delivered somewhat, but you’re not sure what the new changes are.

Let Kakuchopurei help you out. First, we’ll dish out the basics…


Keep Your Old Weapons

The new random roll system means that every weapon could be a hidden gem, even if you don’t particularly like the archetype. Based on past habits, you may start deleting things en masse when Forsaken launches. But keep in mind that a meta hasn’t been established yet.

If you plan on running strikes, preparing for the raid or kicking ass in Crucible, hold off on deletion for several days. As much as you may want to clear your inventory space, that weapon that you never gave the time of day could be the new Better Devils tomorrow. Thankfully, Bungie increased the storage space in the vault to 500, so you should have plenty of room now.

Be patient and hold onto everything for a bit.

Be A Hoarder

Speaking of keeping old weapons, do go on a collecting spree when you’re out doing missions either solo or with a group.

Pick The Right Super For The Job

Destiny 2: Forsaken changes up some things, most of all Supers. You can choose the order of Super you want out of the nine in total, with three of them for each class. When you start the expansion, you’ll get an early quest that nets you your first new Super. This is followed by another quest that gets you another Super, and so forth.

So which one should you go first? The better question is: which Destiny 2 activity do you participate more in? If you love going to Raids, just go for the Super with the most utility and synergy like the Titan’s Banner Shield or Warlock’s Well of Radiance. If you’re into PvP, just pick something offensive-driven like the Titan’s Thundercrash. This all depends on which subclass matches your playstyle. Take your time to experiment.

Complete Your Bounties

Just like in the first Destiny, finishing Bounties means more resources and XP. Just head to your Bounty giver (Zavala and co.), do the required antics and collections, and then cash them out.

Help Out Your Fellow Guardian(s)

Let’s not mince words: Destiny 2 is a tough mother to open up communications with especially if you don’t have the PC version. And with this new expansion introducing a buttload of features and changes, new and old Guardians might be a little lost.

So do look out for people and Guardians who want help or attention. Look for the telltale signs of a Guardian trying to get your attention: shooting or punching you (see also: wildly aiming while looking at you, suspicious jumping).

This is helpful if you want to earn more loot in the public areas. Learning how to turn a new public event into a heroic one takes time, but you can ease that process by watching before you shoot. If an allied Guardian is doing something you aren’t, follow their lead and see if you can assist, rather than going for the most straightforward solution. Worst case scenario, you’re both lost and end up wasting a bit of time.

You may also find that Guardians will try and get your attention if they’ve found a chest or something to help share with you. Destiny is best played with friends or but it’s also playable with random folks. Don’t panic if you get shot at; it’s just a Guardian’s way of giving you a heads up.

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