We’re very sure a number of you Predator fans and sci-fi buffs either (a) loved the 80s tribute you witnessed on-screen or (b) hated the hell out of it and proclaim talented director Shane Black as the man who ultimately killed the Predator (franchise). Either way, that ending might be bothering you.

So let’s talk about it.¬†Obviously, this is spoiler territory, so..



So that last bit came out of left field. Let us explain.

So You Wanna Be A Predator…

So after the big Predator is killed after he thought that kidnapping an autistic boy (played by Jacob Tremblay) from an ex-marine and his pals was a good idea, the heroes and the government ended up recovering a care package in a form of a pod. They believed that the first Predator came to earth bringing said package to help save humanity.

Said package opens, and it turns out to be a “Predator Killer” which is a gauntlet that gives its wielder a Predator suit. One of the scientists asks “what is that?”. To which the hero Quinn (Boyd Holbrook) responds: “That’s my suit. I hope it comes in a 42 long.” Credits.


To be honest, we were expecting

We initially thought that the design of the pod was H.R Giger-seque in nature. The fact that Predators do like to create hunting grounds with xenomorphs on different planets (like in the first AvP) mean that a pod with face hugger eggs is a viable surprise.

But turns out we may be getting a Iron Man-like story thread where humans can use Predator suits and may fight against other bigger Predators. We feel like there needs to be some sort of prelude or explanation for the suit, though we may get that in a future director’s cut of the film given its production schedule.

In fact, wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger suppose to make a guest cameo or surprise end-of-film appearance in the original script before the Austrian actor said “no”? Ah well. At least the movie made some of its production money back; The Predator grossed US$54.7 million worldwide against a production budget of US$88 million. We’ll be getting Predator sequels featuring ex-marines wearing Predator suits before you know it.

It’ll get people talking about the franchise, for good or ill.



  1. Actually we are not getting anything for now as the movie killed of the franchise for a while. It could have been actually worse with them filming an actual ending where Newt from Aliens showed up as a grown up. It makes no sense (time travel?) and would have been really confusing for the viewers. An Arnold cameo would have been best, but even Royce from Predators would have sufficed..

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