Calling all fans of VA-11 Hall-A, the pretty awesome cyberpunk visual novel for PC that focuses on bartending, awesome chatter with corgis and sex dolls, and awesome neo retro-esque music (at least in my humble opinion). Developer Sukeban Games is releasing an upcoming visual novel set in the same universe called N1RV Ann-A ~Trouble In False Paradise for the PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.


The bad news? It’s coming out in 2020. While we wait with bated breath, here’s what we know:

  • Like we said, it takes place in the same universe as VA11 Hall-A, but instead of Glitch City, the main locale is Saint Alicia, an “idyllic tourist paradise with an upscale bar called N1RV Ann-A.”
  • Saint Alicia itself is nice on the outside but “harbours mafia extortion, human trafficking, and other sordid crimes” as its main economy.
  • Our main character this time is bartender Sam, who is in a relationship with a partner named Leon who moonlights as a Yakuza. On top of that, she has to take care of her 8-year old son Tony.
  • If it’s anything like the first game, we may have multiple endings depending on how well you interact with your customers.

Check out the sweet, sweet retrotastic screencaps below. I really dig the placement of the Save/Load options on the top left and how “90s PC bishoujo game-like” it looks.

Two more years until it’s out. Hope you like waiting!





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