Grandia series fans, this one’s for you. GameArts’ RPG opus -that isn’t the Lunar series- will be getting a remaster for the PC and Nintendo Switch. These games were fun because of their real-time-slash-turn-based approach to combat and its colourful-if-cliched storyline with a rotating cast.

According to a Game Informer report, we now have full details of the Grandia and Granda II remasters courtesy of Gungho Games. These include UI and sprites enhancement and the option to play it in its native Japanese audio with English subtitles.

This is good, considering the first Grandia had one of the worst English dubs in video game history. Grandia II? Not so much since it had Cam Clarke (TMNT), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect), and Jodi Benson (Disney’s The Little Mermaid).

Another tidbit: the remasters are only out for North America and Europe, not for Japan. Here’s the full list:


  • Enhanced details to UI, sprites, and texture art. 2x to 4x upscaling
  • Original cinematic videos receiving visual enhancements
  • Widescreen support and customizable resolutions for PC
  • Addition of MSAA, bloom, normal mapping, and blur effects
  • Steam cards and Achievements
  • Japanese Audio and Subtitles, English Audio and Subtitles
  • Language Support: English & Japanese
  • Digitally converted game manual
  • Utilizing PS1 & Sega Saturn source code
  • Gamepad and keyboard support with remappable controls


Grandia II

  • Digitally converted game manual
  • Utilizing Grandia II Anniversary Edition source code, which originally was based on the Sega Dreamcast source code
  • Fix PC video/audio desync and switch to XInput
  • Add support to exit to title
  • Japanese Subtitles added, for Switch version



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