TGS 2018: Mega Man 11’s Latest Trailer Is The 20XX Version Of The Ice Capades

Capcom just released a new Robot Master trailer for Mega Man 11. We now have our ice-based villain Tundra Man and he is…fabulous.


He comes with a lot of twirley ice-skating moves (hence the headline) and with his own spotlights like as if he’s on stage. Defeating him will net you the Tundra Storm which is a short vertical ice wind burst attack. Think of it as a nerfed column version of Storm Eagle’s Storm Tornado or Tengu Man’s Tornado Hold.

We do wonder if Tonya Harding would give Tundra Man a run for his money in doing a triple axel. Mega Man 11 comes out 2nd October for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Author: Team KKP

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