Following the latest announcement that credit card company Mastercard will be an official global sponsor to Riot Games and League of Legends, it’s safe to say that the colourful MOBA is growing bigger than usual.

So what better way to enter the fray than now? With the latest 8.18 patch already in and with the game’s MOBA meta still being sorted out, we know one thing: there’s always a demand for a Jungler.

Yes, for every AD Carry or Support or Tank in an LoL group, you need a Jungler to make sure the gold and XP keeps on coming while these soldiers wander the jungles of LoL. More specifically, two of the game’s notorious junglers, Sejuani and Trundle, have been nerfed so you need to figure out a worthy replacement for your public and ranked games.

These are the top LoL junglers you should use post-patch 8.18.



Why pick Graves? Simple: because he had a bunch of buffs over the course of the LoL season. With good damage-dealing abilities, he is still viable in pro-level play. This means that there’s a small chance he’ll be really nerfed and he’ll stay at the top of the Jungler ranks for the next few months.

Be careful though; we heard he’s quite tough to master and pick up, since his New Destiny trait makes him only unload two shots before going to a reloading animation. Shot(gun)s fired!



Adorable little armordillo, eh? As far as tanks go, Rammus is easy to pick up. His resistance boosts (via Defensive Ball Curl) have been increased in past patches and his combination of accessibility and raw power means that he is a useful Jungler in solo queue.

Coupled with his luring and kiting-savvy Frenzying Taunt and a speed boost that can last for a short bit, you can go far with this fellow.



This seductress has seen her fair share of benching, but now she’s a jungling force to be reckoned with. She has high damage output and her camouflage via Demon Shade will force players to make use of Red Wards. Best of all, she can be a menace thanks to her Allure and Whiplash, with the latter boosting her speed and movement which exponentially helps with kiting and covering jungling paths.

Just like Graves, players need to invest time in learning Evelynn’s moves and skills to jungle hard.



While not as popular as Graves, Jax has seen some play in worldwide servers due to his skill set. Either that, or Riot Games has yet to hear complains about him being too OP.

In any case, Jax is easy to pick up and can be a challenge to master because of the timing needed for his Leap Strike and Counter Strike. Once you get the hang of this and the art of ward-hops, you’ll be leaping around the jungle and kill like a boss.



The Shadow Reaper finally can shine in the spotlight on the latest 8.18 patch. While he was buffed a few patches ago, his versatility and mobility have proven to be popular with most players worldwide.

He can walk through terrain, dash and slash for damage, and slows down targets in a line for easy killing. Whether you transform into a Shadow Assassin or a Darkin, it doesn’t matter: you’ll start racking up XP and gold with Kayn as long as you stick to your jungling and damage-dealing gameplan with your group.



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