While us at Kakuchopurei don’t do cosplay, we do love our games and movie props, especially those 1:1 replicas which look good in hand, as well as on the shelf. So it came as no surprise that we are super stoked with Blizzard’s unveiling of the Ultimate Genji Sword which is now available for pre-order.

Measuring at about 46.75 inches long, (about 119cm) the sword comes with illumination on the green portion of the blade, sound effects and is of ‘premium construction’. It comes shipped with its own sheathe and retails about US$200 (MYR826) and if you plan to order it from this part of the world (Southeast Asian countries), then prepare to shell out an extra $15 (MYR62) for shipping.

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Some might balk at the price but if you consider that other sword-like props such as Hasbro’s Black Series Force FX Lightsabers retail starting from MYR999 and custom lightsabers which you can get online start from MYR1200, that total of MYR888 (inclusive of shipping) isn’t that bad.

Pre-orders are now open and it is limited to 10 units per customer.



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