Panda Global announced recently that Seonwoo “Infiltration” Lee will not be fighting at this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour Premier event at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Why? Because there’s an investigation going on about him beating his then-wife physically. Allegations of it, at least. They divorced a few months after their 2017 marriage.

Here’s the official statement from Panda Global:

“With the ongoing investigation, Infiltration will not be competing at TGS this weekend. We are taking the claims against Infiltration’s alleged domestic violence seriously, and are conducting a thorough investigation into these claims.

If the claims are substantiated we will take appropriate action.”

The allegations surfaced online earlier this week on Reddit. At this point in time, Infiltration has not made any public statements regarding the allegations.

This might be pretty bad for the guy’s esports career; remember Noel Brown? Infiltration is so far one of the best Street Fighter players around, ranking at 7th place worldwide in the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 standings. His skills using esoteric characters like Menat and Juri in Street Fighter V are legendary, and his Hakan play in Street Fighter IV ain’t half-bad either.


Top image credit: Stephanie Lindgren


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