Funny how the world works. A few days after the Bowsette phenomenon took place, Nintendo released its official artbook for its marquee platformer title from last year.

And it just dropped a bombshell of a revelation. According to the Super Mario Odyssey artbook that just came into Japan today (which you can get via Amazon), there’s an unused concept art where Bowser takes over Princess Peach’s body using his green and evil version of Cappy.

(the tweet below is courtesy of Sakusuru)

In other words, what Nintendo scrapped, the community inadvertently brought to life. The surrealness of this turn of events is just…wow. The world came pretty close to getting an official Bowsette.

Again, thanks to Malaysian artist Ayyk92 for this current internet craze. To cap off this weekend post, here are more artworks from the video game-loving community portraying Bowser Jr.’s dad in female form.


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