The State Of Fighting EX Layer: PC Version & Its Future

Arika recently posted about the fate of its sole fighting game of 2018, Fighting EX Layer. While it’s fun, the price tag at launch is too high to warrant a purchase. Luckily, Arika released an arcade mode and two extra characters for free.

So what is going on with FEXL? And will Arika still release the PC version? We’ll break the news down, Kakuchopurei style.

  • PS4 sales of Fighting EX Layer weren’t the best, but they were enough to justify releasing Vulcano Rosso and Pullum for free. This is all due to support from fans.
  • The PC/Steam version is Arika’s current priority right now. The arcade board runs on the same OS as Steam.
  • The next update, Ver 1.1.1, will have Gougi Deck changes. Arika is pushing themselves to have the PS4 version up to date with the Steam ver.
  • The game’s future content will be dependant on sales. 
  • A PC beta is confirmed. However, it will be small and limited, and it will be focused on testing the network for Steam.
  • Here’s a kicker: crossplay is impossible because Arika does not have the development funds to support worldwide crossplay across two platforms.

The full Facebook post is below. All we can say is best of luck to Arika for going through with this retro-tastic release. But if they want to make crossplay work, they may have to resort to something like Kickstarter or IndieGogo.

Do check out our Fighting EX Layer Gougi guide while you’re at it.

Author: Team KKP

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