It’s only been a week or so, but somehow Nintendo and Cygames’ latest White Cat Project-esque action RPG is raking in the big bucks.

According to analyst firm Sensor Tower (via Variety), the mobile game has grossed US$3.5 million or so since its launch on 27th September worldwide. The game was officially released in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong Taiwan, and Macau. Meanwhile, most of us are resorting to using country-specific iOS accounts for the iPhone version or apps like QooApp for the Android version.

Here are more Dragalia Lost facts:

  • 800,000+ downloads and installs across iOS and Android devices.
  • For comparison’s sake, Fire Emblem Heroes grossed US$13 million in its first 5 days, while Super Mario Run earned US$8.3 million. Animal Crossing Pocket earned US$4.6 million. To be fair, Dragalia Lost is a completely new IP while the aforementioned 3 games have mainstream status.
  • At this point in time, Dragalia Lost is at 11th place in the top iPhone charts in Japan and 55th place in USA. 

As far as new games go, this does look very promising. It’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo and Cygames have planned for the game in the next year or so, be it special events or new adventurers to gacha.

I smell cross-game tie-ins with Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei, and other Nintendo/Japanese RPG franchises in Dragalia Lost’s future!



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