Hold on to your hats, Marvel fans, because we’re about to unleash a spoiler for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie slated for 2019.




So remember that time the whole world reported that Jake Gyllenhaal may play a Spider-Man villain named Mysterio in the upcoming film? Yes, the same Mysterio who wears a fishbowl head and uses the power of illusions and SFXs to trick his opponents? Well, turns out that’s true, according to the following set photos.

These could be doctored for all you know, but if it’s true, this confirms that Mysterio will be a villain in the upcoming Spider-Man film. So will the Chameleon.

If you can’t wait that long for your Spider-Man fix, may we suggest playing the awesome Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4? It’s really good! 


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