Do you yearn for an open world game set in the Harry Potter universe and in Hogwarts Academy? Well, you might be getting it in the far future according to a recent Reddit leak.

There’s a video (via Kotaku) going around online that shows a big-budget Harry Potter game. The footage is via a focus group and done in secret -hence the quality. But it does look great all things considered. You have wizards in training casting spells & practising with alchemy, owls and magical beasts roaming around, and a sneak peek of Hogsmeade.

The game looks like a third-person open-world action game where you create your own fifth-year student wizard in this version of Hogwarts.


Who Is Making It?

The video is taken down by Warner Bros. but there’s a mirror site here if you want to check it out. Speaking of publishers, if they’re the ones with the latest gaming IP, who do you think is developing it? While we suspect that it could be Rocksteady, the guys behind the Batman Arkham series, the honour could be bestowed upon Avalanche Software, the former Disney game studio that’s usually confused with Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios.

At least, the company profile seems to match this job posting last year from Warner Bros. with the following requirement: “We are looking for a talented storyteller with a deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation.”

In any case, we can speculate that Harry Potter video games on current-gen consoles might be making a comeback. Lord knows if anyone wants another Harry Potter game tailored like a cover-based third-person shooter, but a third-person open world RPG makes way more sense.



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