The holy day for you South Korea MMO fans outside of South Korea has finally arrived. MapleStory 2 is available now for playing on the PC. And it’s free!

Here’s the launch trailer filled with colourful colours and cute faces.

The sequel is now an isometric 3D action RPG with a bunch of character customisation options, a new progression and growth system, the option to own a house or two, and a ton more. The game’s more open-ended “Minecraft” approach means that it may be less grindey than other F2P MMOs.

So how does one play it from Southeast Asia? Simple; get a third-party VPN app. Turn that on, then open up your Nexon client to play MapleStory 2. Since MapleStory 2 servers aren’t available in Southeast Asia yet, running a VPN client is your best bet at getting your MMORPG cute em up on.

Stay tuned to for MapleStory 2 guides and protips. No wait, it’s already here. 


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