This news is brought to you by the Retro DNA folks as a way to celebrate SNK’s 40th anniversary. Check out the tied-in features here

We bet most of you are planning a weekend trip to Singapore for this year’s biggest fighting game tournament in our humble region: the South East Asia Major 2018. Did you also know that there will be a lot of SNK love in that same venue?

Do pay tribute to the folks who made the 90s arcade scene legendary by checking out the following at the GameStart Asia 2018 expo on 13th and 14th October at Suntec City Convention Centre. We’ll do a breakdown on what you should focus on:

Retro DNA SNK Demonstration


Trust the Retro DNA folks from Singapore to put on a showstopper of a display. The group’s past efforts in GameStart Asia 2014 onwards have been nothing but impressive even among the most jaded of collectors and gamers.

This year’s booth should not be any less impressive. For SNK’s 40th anniversary, the group will make every single SNK and Neo Geo game playable for the whole weekend. That’s right: it’s not just these top 15 titles on this here feature. Retro DNA has all the SNK games; just ask them and they’ll gladly sort you out.

Not only that, there will also be NG:DEV.TEAM games on display and playable for the public. For those not in the know, the NG:DEV.TEAM games are awesome SNK-powered titles made way after the demise of the Neo Geo consoles.

Neo Geo World Tour 2


Need some competitive edge in your life this weekend? Then sign up for the Neo Geo World Tour 2 during the weekend. For two days, you can compete in The King of Fighters XIV, The King of Fighters ’98, Metal Slug (score challenge), and Blazing Star (score challenge). You can sign up here, but expect no quarter: SEA’s retro gamers are as hardcore as they can get.

Are you game? Of course you are. So head on down to Suntec this weekend and get your SNK Mega-Shock on!


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