Disney & Singapore Studio goGame Join Forces For An Epic (If Familiar) Quest

Is 2018 the year where bigwig companies want to ride on the White Cat Project mobile action RPG formula? First, we have the polished-if-derivative Dragalia Lost which I’m still playing up to this day just because it’s pretty adorable. Now we have one from Disney and Singapore studio goGame: Disney Epic Quest.

Disney Epic Quest was announced recently; it’s a mobile action RPG in the veins of the aforementioned mobile games but with collectible Disney and Pixar characters you can gacha for. Wreck-It Ralph, Baymax, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elastigirl, the Disney trio of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: all of them are here and look a little…odd. Especially Ralph.

Why so derpy? Why copy the Dreamworks Animation trademark smirk? Your upcoming movie this American Thanksgiving is going to turn out alright. Hopefully. Lay off the stupid pills in the meantime.

Disney Epic Quest will feature the usual staples of these mobile RPGs: tons of gear, tons of characters to build a party with, lots of dailies and co-op raids (fight a giant dude with a big group), and even some PvP to go along with it. And you’ll probably play it with swipes, taps, and screen drags ala Colopl’s breadwinner.

Frankly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with copying a successful formula and slapping on a coat of Disney/Pixar paint as long as the money rolls in, right?¬†Disney Epic Quest be out in 2019 exclusively for Southeast Asia for now.

Check out the trailer and images below.

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