MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Make Your MMO Life Pleasant

Disclaimer – This guide is under development; MapleStory 2 is an ever-changing MMO after all, so keep watching this space periodically for updates.

So MapleStory 2 is out in open beta form, and you have no idea what to do. Despite its colourful aesthetics and googly eyes, there’s a lot to take in once you’re knee deep in the game for a few hours.

Fortunately, Kakuchopurei is here to help! Our closed beta impressions only scratched the surface of this ever-expanding MMO. So we’ll be publishing general tips, class breakdowns, and other miscellaneous write-ups to help you out on your second MapleStory, er, story. Now in glorious next-gen 3D!

General Tips & Tricks


1. Create as many characters as you can to grab the names that you want. You will also want to finish the tutorial and then change your keybindings to what is comfortable for you. Aside: you can’t change them until you finish the tutorial and arrive at Lith Harbor).

2. Do your dailies before they reset. Any free loot you get from mundane tasks is better than no extra loot at all.

3. Play with friends, even with the ones you don’t know personally. Taking on most of the bosses in this game is impractical even if you’re just a level lower, so get out of your comfort zone and bring in random party members into your group. They’ll help.

4. As you level up, equip the pieces of equipment that are better than what you are currently using, and dismantle the old pieces. If you cannot dismantle the old pieces, sell them to an NPC. If you can’t sell them, just throw them away or put them in storage. Save the Onyx Crystals for when you hit level 50.

5. When you reach level 12, you will unlock home furbishing and ground mounts. When you reach level 17, you can start building your dream home. Best you get to levelling up quick if you want more out of your MapleStory options.

6. When you hit level 50, all of your daily and weekly dungeon clears will reset. This means that when you are around level 47-49, you have the option to go back and clear dungeons for rewards and completing trophies before you hit level 50. Check the AP/SP Acquisition page to see what trophies are attached to dungeon clears.

When you hit level 37, you will have 3 dungeon clears available for the day, assuming you have leveled from 1 to 37 before reset. You can use this opportunity to do the Watchtower Rampart dungeon 3 times for the Oska Body Pillow Mount (if you have any interest in that).

7. When you are level 50, you may go do all the level 50 dailies that are available to you.

8. When you want to start doing dungeons at 50, you have two options. First is to start doing the 1500 GS level 50 dungeons in order to get a chance at an Epic equipment drop. If you don’t have enough GS to do the 1500 GS dungeons, try using your +7 scrolls from levelling up on your gear that are less than level 50, or spend a few mesos and buy level 50 blue gear from the Black Market.

The second option is to go straight to the 2100 GS hard dungeons, but you will need at least one epic gear. The weapon and suit give the most GS, but are the most expensive, and you may also have to enchant a few items to meet the requirement. You can also try to buy a cheaper epic equipment (not Pyrros gloves since it barely gives GS), and then enchant your level 50 blue equipment to barely reach 2100 GS.

And One More Tiny Thing Regarding Crafting & Enchanting…

You will also need to make the decision of whether or not to finish the “No Such Thing as a Free Enchant” Maple Guide mission. This is the third part of the crafting and enchanting maple guide so you can complete the first two parts for the rewards. However, once you complete the “No Such Thing as a Free Enchant” mission, you will be unable to come back to the map and talk to the NPC to buy the Onyx Crystals.

After leaving the map, to go back, just open up the Maple Guide and click on the big “Begin Lesson” button. This trick may not be necessary depending on the price of Onyx Crystals, but it may be a good idea to have one character that does not complete this Maple Guide Mission so the maximum price you will ever have to pay for Onyx Crystals is 2000 Mesos.


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