See Justin Wong & 5 Others Street Fight(er 5) In Malaysia’s Project Fight Club

eGG Network, the video game-slash-esports channel on Malaysia’s own Astro Network, has shown off a recent trailer of Project Fight Club. It’s a 10-episode fighting game tournament with a  reality TV spin.

How does it work? Well, 6 folks from the fighting game community -Justin Wong, Marn, Humanbomb, Oil King, Rose Ma, and Xian. All they have to do is fight each other in Street Fighter V, but with additional stipulations to make it TV-friendly and entertaining for us plebs to watch. These include random character selection or maybe even play the game with just normals and no supers and specials. Most importantly, these fighters have to portray a character on-camera for our amusement.

The Malaysian Fighting Game community will also be involved. So if you’ve been attending events like the FV Cup the past few years, you’ll see a few familiar faces during the show like that one guy who likes fighting games and creating political figures for 2K’s WWE game.

Check out the trailer below:

It looks promising, I’ll give you that. I’m sure they’ll be a ton of cringeworthy and screen-capturable moments that will make its way onto r/kappa.

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