Ah, the season of fall where we get brown leaves and cold winds. Unfortunately, this is Malaysia and we only get more heat. Sigh.

Anyway, this is a new season where a bunch of new anime shows are debuting right now. Here are our top picks in no particular order.

Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney  Season 2

Studio: Clover Works
Genre: Legal, Mystery
Premiere Date: October 2

Godot makes his debut. That’s all you need to know if you’re a huge Ace Attorney fan. For the rest of you, this is the next season in the courtroom drama anime series where it’s cool to point your finger at the prosecution and yell out “objection”. Or “igi ari” in this case.

SSSS Gridman

Studio: Studio Trigger
Genre: Action, Kaiju, Superhero
Premiere Month: October

Studio Trigger’s latest work that hopefully doesn’t feature awkward sexual innuendoes. The story focuses on Yūta Hibiki, an amnesiac first-year high school student who comes across an old computer with Hyper Agent Gridman in it. He/she/it(?) states that the boy has a mission he must fulfill, which I assume is being SSSS Gridman and fighting kaijus.

With Trigger’s brand of making hyper-awesome action scenes, this could be the Ultraman reboot we want to witness.

Goblin Slayer

I’m sure she’ll be alright.

Studio: White Fox
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Want to see goblins get the fear and respect they deserve? Then watch this dark fantasy where a first-time party whose names are their designations get massacred due to their inexperience in dungeon-crawling. With the team’s Priestess all alone, all hope seems lost until an armoured badass named Goblin Slayer comes in to do what he’s named for. Oh and they recruit an elf archer, an old man, and a lizard shaman all for the sake of goblin-hunting.

If you want your fantasy shows brutal and unremorseful, go check this bad boy out.

Fairy Tail Final Series

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Bridge
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

The final season of the anime/manga series about dragon-slaying wizards and his magical pals. The long-running series from Hiro Mashima, a student of Eiichiro “One Piece” Oda, this is basically your shonen manga set in a fantasy universe, all wrapped up with the power of friendship model.

Not that it doesn’t have merit though; the action scenes are all fun and the typecasted characters are loveable in their own right.

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

Studio: DLC
Genre: Comedy

An undead skeleton works at a bookstore. Hilarity ensues. In actuality, it’s a semi-autobiography of the manga’s creator Honda and his day-to-day life working in a bookstore. His colleagues are his real-life associates with their identities protected on-screen with weird masks and headgear.

The whole show has a unique Western animation-style hybrid going on; reminds us of Archer if it was anime.

The Girl In Twilight

Studio: Dandelion Animation Studio | Jumonji
Genre: Drama, School, Sci-Fi

No, we’re not talking about Kristen Stewart. This show’s about a group of girls who teleport into an alternate universe after tuning in to a specific frequency on a radio. Yeah, remember those?

Fun fact: the show’s premise is penned by Kōtarō Uchikoshi, the main writer behind the Zero Escape games. Basically, the show will feature some head-scratching and brain-scrambling moments.

Hora, Mimi ga Mieteru yo!

Studio: monofilmo
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Average guy has a roommate who is a cat person. This show writes itself. With a cutesy art style and a slice-of-life motif behind the show, it’s interesting to see the many situations the cat-guy hybrid ends up being in.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind

Studio: David Production
Genre: Action

The fifth book in the most oddball “giant dudes with ghost stands with rock band names” action-adventure series centres around Dio’s illegitimate son Giorno Giovanna. Koichi Hirose from the last book makes a return, now finding out more about Giorno and his evil legacy in Naples, Italy. Expect a lot more Stand-on-Stand action and the “it just works” meme now in animation form.

Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202

Studio: Xebec
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Military, Sci-Fi, Space Opera

The space epic is being rebooted, this time in 2018 serialized anime format. This means more explosions, more Yamato cannons, and more Japanese commanders & lieutenants barking orders with gusto and speed lines.

We’re probably missing a couple of new shows, so give us a holler on our Facebook page or even here if there’s a favourite show of yours that warrants mentioning.


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