EA and Battlefield developer EA DICE just laid out its post-launch timeline for Battlefield 5. Turns out that the highly-anticipated(?) battle royale mode called Firestorm will not be out and ready until spring 2019.

Meanwhile, the rest of the game’s content will come out as scheduled.┬áCheck it out below.


To recap:

  • “The Last Tiger” will be released during the December-January window, along with vehicle customization. A practice mode will also be added to the game.
  • Overture mode should be ready in December. The mode brings the Panzerstorm map where you get to pilot tanks in this controlled arena.
  • Combined Arms, the game’s co-op mode, will be out during the January-March 2019 window alongside two new takes on the Battlefield game modes Rush and Squad Conquest.
  • All of these updates are free for players who bought Battlefield 5. There will be cosmetics involving microtransactions, but there isn’t much being said about that. It probably has something to do with Star Wars Battlefront II.

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