Ni no Kuni 2’s Big Expansion DLC Revealed

I hope you haven’t deleted your installed copy of Ni no Kuni 2 yet because Bandai Namco just unleashed a ton of information about its upcoming DLC later in 2018.

The large-scale DLC is called “Labyrinth of the Ghost King” and it features the following:

  • A new dungeon called the Labyrinth, which is said to be much tougher than the Faraway Forest dungeon on the highest difficulty. It’s safe to say that the game’s lack of difficulty is amended exponentially.
  • The Labyrinth comes with a new boss called Ghost King Lamikyl. He’s sure to be anything but a cakewalk.
  • The DLC also introduces the Gokui System where your playable characters experience new changes in battle if they leave behind Gokui items. Bandai Namco will reveal more information later.
  • The DLC will feature over 80 new equipment and items. These are but a sample of the weapons you’ll be getting in the DLC dungeons.



  • In addition, there will be new character quests and rematches with certain bosses from the main game’s story mode.
  • You can access the Labyrinth after clearing the Chapter 4 scenario quest in the game.

This sounds like a perfect opportunity to jump back into Ni no Kuni 2, which I enjoyed wholeheartedly earlier this year. What say you?





Author: Mr Toffee

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