Two new cities. Two new franchises. Two new names. Two colors.

As opposed to Team Paris’ roster reveal a few days earlier, two new Overwatch League franchises went the opposite direction in their announcements; revealing their official names and colors but not a hint of the players who will be representing them.

The team based out of Atlanta will be called Atlanta Reign while Toronto’s representative will be known as the Toronto Defiant. While we welcome these two teams, we question their name choices starting with Team Atlanta who had so much opportunity to keep the avian-themed nomenclature synonymous with the city going.

Their NFL team is called Atlanta Falcons while their NBA team is the Atlanta Hawks. They could have called themselves the Atlanta Seagulls, Albatross … or even Moltres! They already have that Pokemon on the logo anyway.

atlanta reign

But Reign? Come on. What a waste.

Up north, Team Toronto also revealed their official name; Toronto Defiant. Again, a missed opportunity as they left out on some cool options. They have Toronto Raptors for NBA, the Blue Jays on MLB, or even the Maple Leafs in the NHL.

toronto defiant

‘Defiant’ seems a little out of place and does not really strike fear or stamp an identity which attract supporters from beyond the Toronto city limits.

One stark similarity between the two teams though, would be their choice of main colors, with both opting for black and red. A fan of the color scheme (as you can see from our logo), we feel it would dwell well with folks who pick teams based on design and how cool the jerseys look.

What do you think of the names and colors? Sold on ‘Reign’ and ‘Defiant’? Or do you have a better idea for their names? Comments section is down below.



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