It’s past 31st October, but we still like to reminisce about Halloween. Particular about how talented and awesome cosplayers are during this period of time.

Japan’s Halloween scene is, to put it mildly, pretty huge. It’s so big that we’re dedicating this feature to costumes and cosplays that match the video game and pop culture tone of this here site (via SoraNews24 and all sorts of Instagram).

Let’s start off with pirates. Hello, Jack Sparrow.


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Shibuya Halloween w/ Mr. Cotton's parrot. 昨日の渋谷ハロウィンにオウムを連れてきてる人がいた。多分あれはコットンくん。喋らなかったし。 「オイカゼダ、オイカゼダ🐦」 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ #渋谷 #渋谷ハロウィン #渋谷ハロウィン2018 #shibuya #jacksparrow #halloween⁠ ⁠ #halloweencostume #shibuyahalloween #パイレーツオブカリビアン #jackthemagician #jackmagician #jacksparrow #johnnydepp #captainjacksparrow #cosplay #magician #piratesofthecaribbean #ジョニーデップ #ジャックスパロウ #ジャックマジシャン #dハロ #dハロ仮装 #disneyland #disneysea #ディズニーランド #ディズニーシー #東京ディズニーランド #東京ディズニーシー

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Cue Arnold “Susah-Nak-Eja”‘s catchphrase of the century.

Dr. Slump: a classic from Akira Toriyama made into flesh this year. Check out the Mario cameo behind the two.


Japan finally makes Despicable Me’s Minions more tolerable, to the point where one can be disturbingly aroused.


Peter Parker, stuck in Shibuya. (via itsyourjapan)


Spider-Men and Sailor Venus; West meets East.


Hail Mary, full of grace *jumpscare*


Bob and Helen Parr, now in Japan and somehow ditched Violet, Jack Jack, and Dash.


This outfit combo puts the “hell” in “Hello Kitty”. This is basically the SoraNews24 team in this year’s outfit. Spooky AF.



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