Fight fire with fire, right? Nintendo finally revealed the last two characters of Super Smash Brost Ultimate as well as a bunch of new features. On with the show!

The Three(?) New Fighters

Ken (on the feature image above) is an echo fighter of Ryu. He’s different from Ryu: he’s faster, he has fiery Shoryukens, and he has more fancy kicks.


Incineroar is a grappler who hits hard and has high-risk-high-reward moves. His crazy moves let him get close and throws enemies, as well as unleash a high-priority Dark Lariat. He also has a move that summons the top rope and Irish whips enemies; if you time it right, you can either pull off a flip or a hard lariat.


Finally there’s the Pirahna Plant. He’s a new character in the game who can chomp enemies, shoots out spiked balls, and can even extend his reach further than usual. He can also transform into Pirahna Pete as a Final Smash, wreaking havoc on the battlefield. However, he’ll only be out on 12 February 2019. He is free for a limited time.

The Spirit Within

SSBU now has a potentially riveting single-player mode called World of Light that comes equipped with a huge collection mechanic. Long story short: you play as Kirby as you find all the Smash Bros cast, restore their spirits, and fight the main bad guys who happen to be floating gloves and giant four-winged…things.

You can use spirits to power up your collected fighters in different ways. What are spirits? They are basically buffs you can use for your characters in World of Light (and even in multiplayer). In reality it’s really a great way for Nintendo to add more characters in the game without overloading the main roster.

You can now collect all the Nintendo characters and use them to buff your heroes. Nintendo promises a LOT of spirits ranging from Metal Gear’s Hal Emmerich to even Tokyo Mirage Session’s Tsubasa Oribe.

Let’s break down the Spirit system:

  • Primary spirit gets support spirit slots; you can equip your spirits with tiny spirits to enhance the buffs your playable characters get.
  • You can get spirits by winning spirit battles which are special fights with customized properties and crazy challenges.
  • Examples of Spirit battles include fighting a volley of Gordos and King Dedede. Fight a giant Mega Man with Guts Man’s powers. Fight Chrom with Killing Edge in hand. Fight 3 Sonic the Hedgehogs with drills. Yeah it gets insane.
  • Spirits follow a simple rock, paper, scissors mechanic: Attack beats
  • If you’re not sure what spirits to use, you can press Y to auto-select the best spirit.

The best part about World of Light mode? This new kickass SSBU theme with lyrics.

New Trophies Abound

SSBU will now have 59 assist trophies like Virtua Fighter’s Akira, Street Fighter’s Guile, and Golden Sun’s Isaac. Here’s a list (via Singapore’s SmashG)

  • Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water)
  • Black Knight (Fire Emblem: Path or Radiances)
  • Thwomp (Mario Bros. Series)
  • Spring Man (ARMS)
  • Dr Wily (Megaman Series)
  • Flies & Hand (Mario Paint)
  • Tiki (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
  • Vince (Art Academy Series)
  • Guile (Street Fighter Series)
  • Akira (Virtua Fighter Series)
  • Isaac and Shadow return as assist trophies

A Lot More Multiplayer Modes For All Players

There’s tons for everyone whether you’re new to the game or a veteran. Beginners¬† & intermediate players can use Spectator Mode, form a team in 2-Player Team mode, Battle Arena mode where it’s a free-for-all with your own rules, Century Smash for smash-to-offscreen-happy players, and All-Star mode which is basically Endless mode in SSBU form.

Hardcore players have Elite Smash Mode for online play. All high-level Smash players, after earning a ton of Global Smash Power (the game’s ranking system; high GSP = better matches), will get to be here and compete for higher glory. The devs will take data from this mode and make tweaks accordingly for future updates.

More Amiibos Like Ridley, Ken, and Wolf

Can’t have too many of them, eh?


DLC Characters Post-Game

Nintendo will add in more fighters as paid DLC starting 2019. Sets of said new fighters will be sold: 1 character, 1 music, 1 stage for US$5.99. An SSBU Season Pass is also available: for US$24.99 you get 5 upcoming characters.¬†It’ll take a year to finish all the DLC according to SSBU director Masahiro Sakurai.


The Fighters Pass purchase bonus includes Rex’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 outfit for Mii Fighters. I guess that’s cool.

With all this information overload, it’s safe to say that I’ll definitely be buying Super Smash Bros Ultimate just for its World of Light mode. Time to collect me some sweet, sweet Spirits!




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