Our Favourite Funny/Glitchy Red Dead Redemption 2 Moments

The law of gaming states that there is no such thing as a bug-free open world game. And Red Dead Redemption 2, while shaping up to be GOTY material, is anything but.

In fact, part of the game’s charm is finding these bugs & glitches at random to hilarious effect. Here are some of our favourites on our awesome cowpoke journey so far; we’ll add more on this post as time goes by.

Brace yourselves!

What the heck happened here? (via Mailo Shunkin)

Bandits in RDR 2 are really strong back in the day, eh? (via diseasedfoe)

Who needs skin in the Wild West? (via Christian G)

This is quite rude. Sorry, John Marston! (via Edd799)

Blaze of glory indeed. (via gaf cheese)

Them Wild West hats are pretty sturdy, no? (via Jeedman Jones)

Here’s one that probably came out from the Mel Brooks school of making spaghetti western parodies. (via rappa1985)

And finally, here’s a compilation of the above glitches.


We’ll add in more as time goes by. If you have cool ones to share, please do so either on our website or Facebook page.

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