Grab your Phasers and helm your stations, Starfleet cadets, the next Star Trek movie might be announced soon. Earlier today, the official Star Trek Twitter account was ‘taken over’ by Klingons for several hours.

It seemed like a harmless joke at first, perhaps a way for the social media folks to spice up the account just after Halloween. To my surprise, the tweets not only teased a glimpse at a possible new Star Trek movie announcement but also a first look at what is a new design for the iconic Klingon D7 class battle cruiser.

The first tweet during this Star Trek Klingon takeover was accompanied by an image showcasing the new Klingon D7 class battle cruiser The Klingon text can be roughly translated to “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” which is totally what a Klingon would say.

The next couple of tweets were filled with quotes based on Klingon philosophy, like “There is no honor in attacking the weak, you must earn victory.” and “We do not fight merely to spill blood but to enrich the spirit.” After a bunch of these, the account started being filled with references and images from the rebooted Star Trek movies, also referred to as the Kelvin timeline by fellow Trekkies/Trekkers like myself.

They even posted a picture of Chris Pine’s divisive Captain Kirk, for Kahless’ sake.

The Star Trek Twitter Klingon takeover then ended with what might be the actual teaser. The short clip, running at merely 5 seconds long, contains frames of the Kelvin timeline’s version of the Starship Enterprise getting attacked by Klingon Birds of Prey.

The most teasing part of the teaser is the split-second glimpse of a date.

An official announcement of something related to Star Trek and/or Klingons will be coming on November 2, 2018. I really hope it’s a new Star Trek movie, or maybe even a teaser for what’s in store for the upcoming Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery.

Some fans are saying that it is highly likely a promotional stunt for theย Star Trek Fleet Commandย mobile game, but personally, that would be a bit disappointing.

Stay tuned on Kakuchopurei for whatever it might turn out to be. Qapla!


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