Behold: The Largest Effin’ Ragnarok Online Poring In Southeast Asia!

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the mobile version of the classic MMO on PC, was recently released in The Philippines. To celebrate the launch, publishers Gravity have plans to recreate its iconic Porings into the real world.

Scratch that: it’s just “Poring”, singular. A massive, giant single Poring at the SM Mall of Asia, Manila (the general area where the awesome ESGS was held).  The giant Poring globe statue display thing will be up in its majestic pink rotund glory from 1st to 30th November.

Check out the pictures below if you need to see it for yourself (via This is both awesome and insane at the same time. You win this time, Philippines!


One may view the Poring, the infamous Ragnarok Online critter you kill at the start of the game, as a South Korean knock-off of Dragon Quest’s Slime with a brighter colour swap. However, Southeast Asia and South Korea remember these little pink buggers more than Japan’s blue humble JRPG cutie-pie. It’s probably the eyes.


On a related note, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is doing pretty alright for a game that just launched. It’s currently ranked first in Apple’s App Store in Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Brunei based on revenues and free downloads.

There’s nothing on the game’s regional Google Play rankings so far, but this news is a pretty big deal in the mobile gaming market space.



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