New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Showcases Tangled’s Kingdom of Corona

After being bombarded with Frozen’s Arendelle in previous Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers, Square Enix has finally given us a glimpse into Tangled‘s Kingdom of Corona featured in the upcoming highly-anticipated JRPG. It’s a glorious sight to behold, with Corona’s lush green forests a stark contrast to Arendelle’s pure white snowy environments.

In the trailer, we see Sora, Donald, and Goofy helping Tangled protagonists Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on their journey, encountering enemies along the way. There’s also a bunch of new cool-looking Heartless and Nobodies for the gang to beat up.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Nobody
Awesome new Nobody!

Disney fans would appreciate hearing the original voices of Rapunzel and Flynn, with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their respective roles. Besides that, the new Attractions attacks look like a blast to activate during gameplay. The one based on Disneyland’s Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride is featured in this new trailer.

Near the end of the trailer, it looks like Sora and Rapunzel are executing what might be a Link attack stated as ‘Tangled Twist.’ It literally has Rapunzel spinning around a tree with her hair, just like in the 2010 movie.

I’m personally very much looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3. By the time the game releases in a few months, it will have been almost a whopping 13 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Flynn
Flynn is up to no good.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated to release for the PS4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25, 2019, and worldwide on January 29, 2019. In case you missed it, here’s what’s included in the Deluxe Edition of the game revealed earlier this year.

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