Over 30 years ago, games industry veteran Yuji Horii created one of the most enduring and iconic JRPG franchises of all time, Dragon Quest. It has been revealed that Horii had divorced his wife and recently married an old flame from an affair over two decades ago.

According to Yahoo Japan (as translated by user Sage on Resetera), Horii finally spilled the beans in an interview with Japanese magazine Shukan Shincho. He clarified that it wasn’t a 20-year-old affair and that the relationship was only recently rekindled.

“So it wasn’t a 20-year-affair, ” said Horii. “After that happened, we were together just as friends for a long time. Partners at work without any romantic intentions.”

After divorcing his wife in 2016, Horii married the woman from the affair last year. The divorce settlement had him paying his now ex-wife a total of 1 billion yen.

“I honestly didn’t want to make anyone sad. There was a kind of indecisiveness. At least from here on, I want to try to do things to make people around me happy,” he said. “Paying my ex-wife 1 billion yen too, that was because I thought maybe it would make her feel even a little less sad I think. Other people’s happiness is your own happiness.”

Horii’s current wife (from the affair) is a Dragon Quest staff member, with her most recent credits being in a ‘Special Thanks” section in 2009’s Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

To make things even weirder in context, Horii’s now ex-wife and the daughter from their marriage are also credited as Dragon Quest staff members. This should be taken with a grain of salt because the Armor Project’s (Horii’s studio) exact staff members are kept private for the most part.

Now that’s a round of illicit puff-puff, isn’t it?

In other related news, yesterday Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest XI Echoes of the Elusive Age had achieved a new sales milestone of more than 4 million units worldwide, alongside the reveal of a new Dragon Quest console game in development. Check out the full story here.


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