Another N7 Day comes and goes. When once it meant a celebration of everything related to the Mass Effect franchise, now it only serves to remind fans of the good old days with the original trilogy.

Kudos to Bioware for releasing a special commemorative video for N7 Day 2018, which seemingly teases “the next great Mass Effect game.” After the disaster of Mass Effect Andromeda, why should we believe them?

The N7 Day 2018 video asks the question, “What does N7 mean to you?” It then proceeds to conjure nostalgic footage of Mass Effect memorabilia, as well as answers by fans and developers of the franchise. That’s all well and good, but what is there to celebrate with the Mass Effect brand currently in limbo?

After the reveal of an Xbox One X patch for Andromeda with better resolution and HDR lighting, Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson appears and states that N7 means “coming into the studio every day, dreaming about what the next great Mass Effect game will be,” before sipping from a mug adorned with one of Commander Shepard’s most iconic quotes, “I should go.”

This tease means to reassure fans that Bioware has not abandoned the franchise, that there’s hope for another great Mass Effect game in the future. I consider myself to be an optimist, and I would like to believe this very much.

However, until there’s concrete evidence that the developer is actively working towards revitalizing the franchise and making up for Andromeda, it’s hard to look at “the next great Mass Effect game” as anything other than an empty promise.

Perhaps Bioware could start making amends with a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy. With the studio busy developing Anthem for the foreseeable future, I don’t see any possible Mass Effect revivals any time soon.

Besides the N7 Day 2018 video, Bioware has unveiled new N7-themed merchandise by JINX to commemorate its 11th anniversary, which you can check out here. There’s also some Mass Effect fan art and giveaway contests on the developer’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.



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