Sidetrack: Chengdu Hunters just posted their first tweet welcoming Guangzhou Charge. Love the name. Looking forward to the logo!

They decided to call themselves the Charge, and rightly so, led the charge in unveiling their official names and colors. First reported on Twitter by @FionnOnFire just now, Team Guangzhou probably drew inspiration from the ‘Z’ in their romanized spelling when coming up with their franchise name.

Compared to the earlier announced, uninspiring Paris Eternal, we actually dig the colors which Guangzhou opted for. It is unique, one of a kind and most importantly, stands out from the rest.

Can’t wait how their team jerseys are gonna turn out.

Also, imagine the rivalry coming out just by name. San Francisco Shock vs Guangzhou Charge – The Electrifying Derby?

However, we are still waiting on news about GZ’s roster. Our guess? There’s a 1/3 chance of them recruiting the whole RunAway squad, which Flowervin confirmed a while ago have agreed contracts with a new Overwatch League franchise.

We can only hope.

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