With the end of Blizzcon & Overwatch World Cup, and the off-season for Overwatch League currently, you might think you’ve seen the last of Overwatch esports scene this year. Oh, there’s where you’re wrong!

There’s plenty going on in the esports scene, and I’m here to do a recap of Overwatch in a weekly summary in this weekly Overwatch column.

Dafran Jebaited?

In somewhat a fit of frustration, Dafran tweeted that he’s quitting Overwatch & that his contract with Atlanta Reign has ended. There was no comment made by Atlanta Reign regarding this issue despite many parties out there reaching out to them.

But 2 days later, he tweeted that he’s not leaving Atlanta nor the Overwatch League. He claimed that he was not jebaiting, but does he?

Dafran is an exceptional DPS but was clouded with controversy due to game throwing, streaming anime porn & griefing. He was also in a running to win Denmark’s World Cup Community Lead but lost to a lesser-known streamer, Xperiana, most likely because he was not in a good standing with his battle.net account as enforced in the rulebook (via Invenglobal).

Dafran making it to the Overwatch League was one of the biggest surprise & much-anticipated appearance in OWL2019. There are rumours that he has some issue that he needed attention, but I’m pretty sure representatives of Atlanta Reign has made a solid case to the Blizzard to have him included in the team.

I hope that Dafran gets all the support he needs & able to perform well professionally because we all know this Dannish boy has a lot to show to us.


7-November-2018 marked one year since Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka has passed away. Known as one of the positive & huge influencer in the Overwatch pro scene, the passing of INTERNETHULK shocked the community tremendously. He passed away at the age of 30.

Many people from the community paid tribute to INTERNETHULK on this day. /r/CompetitiveOverwatch paid tribute to him by creating a megathread to share the community’s best memories of this impactful man.

On 15-November-2017, Overwatch League announced the Dennis Hawelka award, an award to be given to the league’s players who have given the most positive impact to the community. The award was given at the end of the season, and the first recipient is none other than Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod, the player that INTERNETHULK himself helped to make a break for.

You are still missed, INTERNETHULK.

Fusions signed to Boston Uprising

During the last Overwatch World Cup 2018, one name has made a mark in the competitive scene, Fusions. The outstanding Reinhardt main in the World Cup who had a reputation of giving out “monstrous Earthshatters” has officially been signed to the Boston Uprising team.

This news was reported by ESPN sports during the world cup, indicating that Boston has actually signed him prior to his stellar performance in the world cup.

Boston now has 4 tanks in their rosters; Gamsu, NotE, Axxiom and now Fusions. That is a lot of tanks in a lineup. Congratulations to Fusions and we can’t wait to see your debut in OWL2019!

Nenne signed to NYXL

Nenne is one of the talented DPS that is just waiting to get signed up to the league. Started as a DPS in LW Red, and then Lunatic Hai, he was then signed up as main DPS in the NYXL’s academy team, XL2 Academy.

He performed exceptionally well, and it is no wonder that he will now play alongside other NYXL’s DPS such as Saebyeolbe, Libero & the newly signed Flower.

NYXL now has a full 12-players roster and they are now a complete team.

Paris is now Paris Eternal

One of the expansion teams in OWL2019 has just announced their team name, logo & colours. Although their team name is quite uninspiring (Eternal.. ok?) & the red symbol on blue background colours are questionable, their logo is pretty awesome. (update: it seems the Paris Eternal team has revamped the logo to have a yellow background, which is not showing on the team’s skin at all).

Taking the French’s unofficial symbol of the Gallic Roster, the symbol is cleverly designed to fuse in the roster & the infinity symbol, indicating “Eternal” in their team’s name. There could somewhat be a hidden “P” for “Paris” in the logo.

Paris Eternal has announced their rosters & coaching staffs back in October. I can’t wait to see what does the Paris can offer, now that have taken Soon from Valiant.

Guangzhou is Guangzhou Charge

There are 3 new Chinese expansion teams in OWL2019. Guangzhou is the first Chinese team to announce their team name, logo & colours. Spotting the blue and green colours, the team’s marketing & creative director mentioned that these colours are meant to represent the region’s natural scenery & region (via The Esports Observer).

Guangzhou also released a video in which they have blurred out (though not done properly) their player’s alternate name. But whatever it is, we can safely assume that Guangzhou Charge will have Korean rosters as well.

There are 3 more teams yet to unveil their branding; Hangzhou, Washington, & Vancouver. Players for most of the expansion teams are yet to be announced.

Enter the Chengdu Hunters

Our late entry of the week is of team Chengdu who is now known as Chengdu Hunters! However, while writing this piece of information, it seems that Chengdu has deleted the tweet, their profile picture & cover photo on Twitter. Perhaps the announcement made was too early than intended.


Donning the black & yellow team colour with a very serious ready-to-battle panda as their logo, Chengdu is set to conquer the Overwatch League Season 2!

Chengdu is home to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and everyone loves panda. Hence the choice of logo.

No players have been announced yet for Chengdu Hunters, but will Runaway be part of this team? I mean, a combination of the lovable Runaway team & cutest panda will be a deadly cutie combo, don’t you think so?

Well, that’s it for Overwatch esports scene this week. Stay tuned with us next week for a quick recap of what’s going on with this spectacular game!


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